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High-functioning teams here also rely on Planning Poker®.

Encourage lively discussion

Want to hear something scary? Each of us on a young team mistook silence at backlog grooming as a good thing. We thought quiet team members were satisfied with the group’s direction. We learned with practice and wisdom to stoke conversation from everyone early into the process. At the heart of the Agile practice is Planning Poker®.

Encourage lively discussion up-front among your team. Create better estimates, healthier sprints, and happier teams. Set everyone with an equal footing and bring the card game to distributed teams. We kept our application simple and secure.

Import & export with Jira and other project management software available.

Features that will make you flip.

Customize Games

Suit your players with custom scoring and timers for easy participation.

Expanded Game Rooms

Flush with growth? Planning Poker can support larger agile teams.

Open the Table

Turnover new insights and team discussions with anonymous voting

Export Stories & Sprints

Upgrade your account to export stories, set acceptance criteria and monitor team velocity.

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High-Stakes Wins

Hundreds of agile teams use Planning Poker® every day. 352's new platform has made estimating more effective and enjoyable for all of them. - Mike Cohn, Founding Member and Owner of Mountain Goat Software.