Here’s what you can expect from
the New

The New offers the same user-friendly functionality you know and love with a brand new look. You told us the features you’d love to see in Planning Poker, and we listened. We’re bringing an agile planning tool packed with new features to make sprint planning quicker, more efficient and more fun.

As a New user, you will…

  • play planning poker from anywhere, including your mobile device, so that your team can be together even if you're remote.
  • choose from fibonacci and other card decks effort pointing scales, so that your team can continue pointing the way they prefer.
  • quickly add user stories to lay out a sprint plan before or after entering the game, so that you can focus on relevant backlog items.
  • assign a separate dealer role so that your scrum master or session leader can force card flips, skip stories and monitor game progress.
  • register securely, so that your project information is protected.
  • view a story’s immediate score average rounded up to the next fibonacci, so that your team can avoid lengthy convergence discussions in a tight timebox.
  • accept or edit the averaged score, so that the final effort point reflects the team’s agreed-upon total.
  • access your game’s score history, so that you have a comprehensive list when planning is complete.