Planning Poker® is a digital card game designed to help empower agile and scrum development teams to collectively set their sprint goals. Using anonymous pointing, Planning Poker® helps to elicit productive conversations across the team to create shared ownership, knowledge, and understanding. Planning Poker® is proven to be one of the most effective sprint planning tools for agile teams.

Three Ways to Play Planning Poker®

We offer powerful ways for agile teams to play Planning Poker®. Once a game organizer – typically a scrum master or project manager – creates an account, your team can start planning. While our Basic version is free for teams smaller than 10 people, our paid monthly and annual accounts provide powerful features to improve sprint planning and team productivity.

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The Features You Need for Sprint Planning

Many teams see sprint planning as a chore. Planning Poker®’s new features makes it fun and easy for your team to effectively and accurately set your sprint estimates:

  • Play on mobile or desktop to support distributed teams
  • Choose from multiple pointing scales to build a sprint that fits your team
  • Register and play securely to protect your sprint
  • Edit scores to build team consensus around estimates
  • Expand your game room for larger agile teams (Standard and Pro only)
  • Export stories to simply manage your sprint (Standard and Pro only)
  • Monitor team velocity to ensure team members reach their goals (Standard and Pro only)
  • Add story details and acceptance criteria for accurate estimates (Standard and Pro only)
  • Build a custom pointing scale (Standard and Pro only)
  • Import and export to JIRA, TFS, VersionOne and other agile software (Standard and Pro only)


The Team Behind Planning Poker®

Planning Poker® was popularized by Mike Cohn, founder of Mountain Goat Software. In 2014, Cohn partnered with digital product development agency, Three Five Two to build the new version of, adding enhanced features and a modern design. As agile evangelists, the Three Five Two development team continues to build new features and improve Planning Poker® through user feedback and constant testing. Want to suggest a new feature or ask for help? Drop us a line.