PlanningPoker works by storing data in your browser’s “Local Storage”. If you’re not familiar with that concept, it works similar to the browser Cookies you’ve heard about in the past and is used by nearly all modern web applications.

We use your local storage to store information to enable the 2-way communication. In the old days, you would have to refresh your window to see if there’s an update on the site. With the 2-way connection, the server is able to tell your browser as soon as someone else joins your game or selects a card. You no longer need to refresh to see if there’s anything new.

If you saw a message that directed you here, it means that your browser is blocking our ability to store data in your local storage and you’re unable to log in. Please follow the directions below to enable local storage in your browser.


Required settings for Firefox

1. Open the Firefox menu

2. Choose Preferences in the menu

3. Go to Privacy & Security tab

4. Accept third-party cookies and site data: Always