Here’s a brief how-to for all freely available features on


  1. First, your Dealer/Game Organizer will create an account and set up the game with their preferred settings:
  2. Next, they’ll add in the User Stories or Tasks that need effort estimation: 
  3. The Dealer/Game Organizer will send Players a game invite to join:
  4. Players arrive and the Dealer starts the game. 
    1. A Player’s Gameboard looks like this:
    2. A Dealer’s Gameboard looks like this, although they have the option to receive cards to estimate as well:
  5. The team can discuss the active story, and everyone chooses a card.
  6. When all cards are chosen, the Dealer may choose them to automatically flip over, or they can wait to finish discussions and flip them when the team is ready:
  7. After the card flip, will average the scores of the cards played and round them up to the next card in the Dealer-chosen sequence.
  8. You can accept the average and and move along to the next story, saving the agreed-upon total, or you edit the score to reflect something else, or reset the round to try effort-pointing again.