Here’s a brief how-to for all freely available features on Planning Poker®:


  1. First, the Dealer/Game Organizer will create an account and set up the game with their preferred settings.
  2. Next, they’ll add in the User Stories or Tasks that need effort estimation: 
  3. The Dealer/Game Organizer will send Players a game invite to join:
  4. The team can discuss the active story, and everyone chooses a card.
  5. When all cards are chosen, the Dealer may choose them to automatically flip over, or they can wait to finish discussions and flip them when the team is ready.
  6. After the card flip, Planning Poker® will average the scores of the cards played and round them up to the next card in the Dealer-chosen sequence.
  7. You can accept the average and move along to the next story, saving the agreed-upon total, or you edit the score to reflect something else, or reset the round to try effort-pointing again.