The goal of our JIRA integration is making the initial game creation setup very straightforward and quick. If you haven’t setup the JIRA integration you’ll need to do that first, here are the setup instructions.

Getting Started

Before you get started pulling your stories in from JIRA it is important to understand that we use sprints created in JIRA to understand what stories to import. Before you follow the steps below, you’ll want to create a new sprint in JIRA with any stories you want to estimate out in a game.


Importing Stories

Step 1 – From the Dashboard: Click Create Game

Step 2 – After you enter your game details scroll down to the Enter Stories section

Step 3 – Click Integrations

Step 4- Select a System & Domain

Step 5 – Then Select your Project, Sprint and What to Sync back to JIRA

Step 6 – Review/Edit your Stories

Step 7 – Either Save or Start your game