There are a few steps to get PlanningPoker and your instance of JIRA talking to each other. First, we’ll add the ability in JIRA to listen to and then we are going to authorize your account to send updates to your JIRA instance.

Before you start

This process takes 2-3 minutes to complete and goes pretty smoothly if you have your JIRA instance open in one tab and the PlanningPoker screen with the JIRA Integration details in another.

Steps 1 – 9 Will need to be completed by a JIRA admin. If you are not an admin of your JIRA instance please share these instructions and your integration details with them.


From your JIRA instance

Step1 – From your JIRA System Dashboard, click Settings in the left side navigation.









Step 2 – Click Products in the left side navigation.









Step 3 – Click Application Links in the left side navigation.







Step 4 – Type the Application URL from your PlanningPoker integration settings page and click Create new link.


Step 5 – Click Continue in the modal. If it says there is no response do not worry and continue with the integration.






Step 6 – Type in the a the Application Name and select the Application Type. Both can be found in your integration settings on PlanningPoker.





Step 7 – Edit the new application Link by clicking the pencil icon.



Step 8 – Click Incoming Authentication



Step 9 – Add your integration details from PlanningPoker in the corresponding fields in the modal. Remember to scroll down in the modal to get to all the fields and to click Save.





Now you’re are all done with JIRA but there are two last steps to complete in PlanningPoker.



From’s integration page

Step 10 – Type your Host Name and press Link on the PlanningPoker integration settings page.

Step 11 – Press Authorize PlanningPoker and then Allow in the window that then pops up.









Now you are all set. When you create a new game you will now be able to pull stories directly in from JIRA and even allow the points from your planning sessions to sync back automatically. Here are the instructions to import stories when creating a game with the integration.